AUDI A4 hydraulic pump motor
Part No. 8H0 959 755 A
Removal guide
This guide is applicable to the Audi A4 manufactured from 2001 to 2009.

The following part numbers are applicable to this vehicle:

8H0959247A complete pump assembly
8H0959755A replacement motor

Once you have access to the hydraulic pump, the motor (2) is easily removed by un-plugging from the electrical connector (17) and removing the two screws (6)

The following step by step guide shows you how to access the hydraulic pump.

How to use this guide:
Scroll down to view the removal process, each step is described together with a photo.
A printer freindly PDF guide is also available to download.
• Large flat screwdriver
• 3/8" or 1/4" ratchet
• 150mm extension bar
• 10mm deep hex socket
• T27 or T30 Torx bit
This guide is provided for those persons with the nessesary skills to carry out vehicle repairs, During this procedure a small amount of hydraulic fluid may be released and suitable precautions should be taken to avoid any contact with the skin and also the vehicle paintwork.

Autoelectron accepts no responsibility for any personal injury or any damage caused to the vehicle by using this guide.
Step 1

Make sure the boot is empty
Step 2

Remove the carpet panel
Step 23

Looking at the end of the motor this is what you should see, just pull off the nylon wheel and keep in a safe place.

Step 24

Place the motor in a plastic bag and package in a suitable cardboard box with adequate packing.

Send the motor to us using an insured or tracked service together with the appropriate payment, don't forget to include your address and daytime phone number.
Step 22

Wriggle the motor off the pump and this is what the pump housing should look
like, Use some rags to wedge the pump in the well with the motor end up to prevent loss of fluid.
While the motor is away, cover with a plastic bag to prevent dust & dirt entering the pump.

Step 20

Lift the pump assembly from the well floor and rest the pump on the boot floor with the reservoir lowermost and the motor uppermost.

Have some rags ready and remove the 2 Torx screws holding the motor to the pump, these are either T27 or T30.

Step 21

Unplug and release the motor wiring connector.
Step 19

Remove the third nut.

Step 18

Remove the second nut.

Step 17

Using the 10mm socket & extension bar remove the nuts holding the pump assembly to the well floor, there are three in total.

Use some self adhesive tape inside the socket to retain the nut, this avoids loosing the nut down the wheel well.

Step 16

Swing the amplifier out of the way.

Step 15

Release the cable tie.

Step 14

Remove the 3 nuts (10mm) holding the amplifier in place.

Step 13

This is what you should see once you have removed the cover.

Step 12

Press in the tabs on the back of the connector to remove from the 12V

The panel can now be removed completely.

Step 11

Pull the socket through the panel while pressing the tabs.

Step 8

Disconnect or remove the light.

Step 9

Pull the cover out about this far.

Reach behind the 12V socket and unplug the wiring connector from behind.

Step 7

Wriggle and pull the cover gently but firmly away at the bottom.

Step 6

Remove the plastic rivet at the top rear of the cover.

Step 5

Remove the plastic rivet at the top near the right hand side compartment cover.

Step 4 continuied

The cover is held on by 4 concealed clips, for reference the approximate position of the clips are shown in blue.
Step 4

Remove the plastic boot lip cover, pull upward on the two clips shown here,
it's quite tight so prepare to use some force !
Step 3

Partially remove the boot lid sealing rubber up to these points.
Step 10

Alternatively, I find it easier to remove the 12V socket from the panel first and then unplug the connector.

To do this press in the retaining tabs & pull the 12V socket through the panel.

Caution: During the following steps a small amount of Hydraulic fluid may be released when removing the motor.
Other Items
• Rags or paper towels
• 2 plastic bags
• Self adhesive tape
• Box 12 x 12 x 20cm
• Packing materials

Address label
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